Professional translations from/into all major languages

If you wish to expand into foreign markets or cooperate with a foreign partner, you cannot do without professional language services. Just like you, we are aware that a well-translated product catalogue, technical documentation or a well-written contract will help to create a positive impression of every reputable company. Our mission is to provide quality translation services at a reasonable price to you and our other clients.

Thanks to an advanced CAT tool we are able to provide you with a significant discount for repetitions in your texts, shorten delivery periods and guarantee consistent use of specialist terminology even in very extensive texts according to your requirements. Our regular clients are provided with free translation memory and glossary management.

We stand by the quality of our services and are happy to offer a short trial translation for free in the case of larger orders.

We translate from/into the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian
  • Czech

We can accommodate almost any field and specialization

Our cooperation with 400 specialists/translators from the Czech Republic and abroad allows us to translate texts from any field for you.







We offer the following packages of services depending on the purpose of the translation

Ultra Economy

The translation is performed by a special tool based on artificial intelligence and neural networks. Editing by a human proofreader makes the text comprehensible and terminologically correct. This package is recommended for any client who needs to simply understand the text and does not have any requirements regarding its style, readability and fluency. Its advantages are a very low price and shorter delivery period.

The package includes:

  • Machine translation
  • Post-editing

  Detailed description

from 0.6 CZK excl. VAT (0.73 CZK incl. VAT) per word


This package is suitable for translations of purely internal, informative purposes, e.g. work-related e-mail correspondence, technical documentation etc.

The package includes:

  • Translation
  • Quality assurance

  Detailed description

from 0.9 CZK excl. VAT (1.09 CZK incl. VAT) / word


The most popular package suited for contracts, extracts from public registers, manuals and other texts not intended for publication.

The package includes:

  • Translation
  • Graphic layout
  • Proofreading
  • Quality assurance

  Detailed description

from 1.35 CZK excl. VAT (1.64 CZK incl. VAT) per word


A package for highly specialized translation and texts intended for publication or print, e.g. catalogues, marketing materials, annual reports, etc.

The package includes:

  • Translation
  • Graphic layout
  • Proofreading
  • Specialist proofreading
  • Pre-print proofreading
  • Quality assurance

  Detailed description

from 1.8 CZK excl. VAT (2.18 CZK incl. VAT) per word

Court-certified translation (sworn translation)

When dealing with authorities in the Czech Republic or abroad, it is often not enough to obtain a translation from a regular translator, it is necessary to use a so-called sworn translator and order a translation certified with an official seal. Typically, these include powers of attorney, birth and marriage certificates, extracts from the criminal or commercial register, etc. Not sure if this requirement applies to you? Send us a message or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you and arrange a court-certified translation for you.

from 500 CZK excluding VAT per standard page (1800 characters)

Description of translation services

We always assign the translation to the most suitable candidate from our database of professional translators, who has specialized in the given language and field for a long time. All of our translators have a university degree or at least 5 years of experience in the field. Therefore the client can be certain that the translation will be of high quality and will fulfill its exact purpose.

How do our services work?

Fill in a simple contact form or send us the text to be translated along with your requirements directly to the e-mail address We will contact you with a price offer within 60 minutes. As soon as you approve it, we will get to work. Be sure to state the purpose of the translation and the delivery date.